Types of Water Heaters

Tank Style

Atmospheric Vent

The Atmospheric Vent model is the most common type of water heater installed throughout the US. The energy requirements for the traditional water heater will be raised once again in 2015 which will increase the cost of this type of unit.

Power Vent

The Power Vent is an energy efficient version of a tank style water heater. The vent for this type of unit is very similar to that of a high efficiency furnace. New homes in many parts of the US are now using Power Vent water heaters to meet efficiency requirements.

Hybrid Electric

The hybrid electric water heater could soon be one of the most popular types of water heater installed. The advantage of electric is that you don’t have any venting requirements which makes installation easier.



Condensing units among the most efficient and produce the greatest flow of hot water.

Non Condensing

Non condensing units are more common in warmer climates that do not require as significant of an increase in water temperature.


Eternal is the leader in hybrid tankless technology. The size of the tank is only only a few gallons. This technology is designed to maximize water pressure and make the most of the energy produced by reusing the exhaust as it heats.