Noritz Tankless Hot Water Heater

The Noritz NRC1111 tankless water heater is an ideal unit for the Kansas City climate and should meet the needs of most families. This unit is rated for up to 11.1 gpm. This is the newest and most advanced tankless water heater from Noritz and boasts a 93% efficiency rating. 

Anytime we have installed a tankless water heater in Kansas City we always do a follow up with the client to see how their tankless unit is performing. While almost everybody has been satisfied with their purchase one of the few complaints that we have received is a small fluctuation in water temperature. The Noritz NRC1111 has a duel flame burner built in to prevent this temperature fluctuation.

This unit has a few other features that are kind on neat including the capability to use with a battery backup system. This unit also has a 12 year warranty which is longer than what most tankless water heaters are warrantied for.



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