tankless water heater kansas Navien

Navien Tankless Water Heater Kansas City

KC Plumber Pro installs Navien Tankless water heaters in Kansas City on both the Kansas and Missouri side. Many of the tankless units that we have installed are for residential applications most of which report being very satisfied with their purchase.

Navien is one of the tankless units that we have installed in the past and had good luck with it. The most common model that we have installed is the Navien NP-240 NG. This unit operated at 199,000 btu’s and has an efficiency rating of 98% which is the highest rating in the industry. This tankless water heater is the highest possible GPM output when commpared to any other unit of equal BTU’s.

The thing that some households will really benefit from is the endless supply of hot water that you will have. If there are few bathrooms in the house but they get a lot of traffic, a tankless unit may be the best way to go.

The venting for a Navien NP-240 will usually require 3″ PVC if it is leaving the house horizontally. If you are able to go straight up and out the house you can usually get away with 2″. It’s important that the vents for the tankless water heater do not have too many 90’s or bends. Having too many elbows in your vent can impact the efficiency of the unit.

This particular unit can provide a hot water temperature of up to 135 degrees. The standard temperature is set to 115 and can go up to 120 upon first starting up. Once the system is manually reset you can turn it up to 135 to get water that is near scalding.

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